Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where I Love

Below are pictures of the area I live in. It currently has incredible scenic beauty as you will see if you check back over the next few weeks or so. Thank You to everyone who is saying prayers for all that is held dear in this valley and the places impacted by the I-5 Corridor project.

So first you will see the Moulton Falls Bridge and a sign posted at the park which is right by my home. Then a picture of my husband in our yard, one of my son and I in our yard after visiting the vegetable garden where right behind us the proposed power lines would go, or on top of us. And then a pumpkin that grew in my garden this year which will be made into healthy pumpkin soup.

I have decided to compile a book filled with as many stories as people are willing to share who have been affected by this proposed power line. Much like the books of my dear friend Virgil Wallace who has now passed on. It is my hope this will benefit the people and lands that are being effected by this project and document the past and present of this area. If you meet or know anyone who wants to share their story send the my way via Love and Prayers, Erin