Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rally @ BPA Portland, Oregon

I recently attended a peaceful Rally at Bonneville Power Administration Portland, Oregon(next to Lloyd Center) Our hope is for people to understand the number of homes and critical ecosystem that stands to be destroyed and forever changed should this 70 mile/500 KV(the highest voltage lines allowable) go through from Troutdale, Oregon to Castle Rock, Washington. It will probably be going through my backyard. You can see what my yard looks like from the pictures on this blog. It is a "Ferngully" or "Avaitar" (Southwest Washington Rainforest) right here in these United States. This week I attended an EFSEC(WA State Energy Facility Evaluation Council) Meeting. We as citizen's were allowed 5 minutes to speak and had to keep our comments, and letter within tight parameter's. Our concern's were largely ignored but we had one angel in the form of Hedia Adelsman-Dept. of Ecology who recommended the Bonneville Power Administration's Work Plan have some wording changed.
It will now go back to be adjusted and resubmitted Feb. 9th. On the way Hedia suggested the Clark County Commissioner's be spoken with since they have shown us (Clark County WA. Citizen's) support as stated in our letter. This process has been a hard lesson in just how rare it is to get Senator's, Congressmen, and people in power to listen. To find a route to be heard. When you are telling them the truth, and it affects Good People, endangered plant, amphibian, bird, insect & animal species. I don't know the answer yet. At the rally we were shuffled from Woody Guthrie Courtyard to a park by Lloyd Center all because peaceful citizen's who are important parts of these United States, who live in the areas that will be affected, have critical detail to share, but I don't have 50 attorney's on staff or an endless supply of funding. Just me and the truth that if these sacred families, this River, my 600 year old fir snag are destroyed these United States and everyone in them will lose something more important than money or power. We will lose the well being of our future.