Friday, February 5, 2010

Tired, Exhausted, worked on the BPA thing way too long

As I go to post this my daughter gave me the title. I now have a latch key husband, children and even my kitten. Just grateful they all miss and love me so. I long for days when I could walk my creek bed, and just marvel at it's beauty not stress about possible 500Kv running over it. But this journey has brought so many amazing people into my life you cannot imagine. I have heard stories of a blind woman who lives right next to Moulton Falls park here in Clark County. The picture of the ravine and river (East Fork of the Lewis) are from her place. It has incredible views which I cannot imagine placing power lines over. Eagles nest there, and her children, and grandchildren are there with her now. She has 7 wonderful children who have come to help her. They told me stories of this property being in their family since 1912. Her husband recently passed away and she could not read the " Letter of Intent " she received from BPA and was scared. I have come to know my neighbor Debbie, clematis grower extraordinaire(silver star clematis) who has become very dear to me in this last month. Another neighbor down the road who is a mapping pro & guitar player. I am tired, exhausted, worked on the BPA far too long, but I am also very blessed with many people, places and spaces that I love with my whole heart. Hope I can see them all be protected and well. Many Blessings, Erin