Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Baby Fawns

Tonight I was up in the upper garden late tying up peas, weeding just as the sun was setting I headed in just in time to see my DEER friend. She is usually by twice a day morning and evening. It had been a week though if you saw my previous post you saw her very pregnant. Here she was with her two new children. It was getting dark so I hope the pictures came out if not she will be by tomorrow. They were so adorable it reminds you how precious this life is. This is the third set of twins she has shared with me. She is a strict mother and occasionally lets her children know where the line is, strong yet loving, so glad she shared.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What a Trip!!!

Wow! Hard to believe it was only one weekend back that my best friends and I headed out to The FarmChick's sale in Spokane. It was a wonderful trip and my friend's kindly rushed me back just in time for my daughter's Baccalaureate. So much to see and do we visited Buggy Barn(Quilt Shop), Mary Janes Store in Coeur d'Alene, Chap's, and of course all our special friends at The FarmChick's Sale like Auntie Joy, Barn House, Tarte, Maison Douce, A Thing for Rose's. We also made new friends and found new favorite places and spaces to visit, Retreat, The Country Store, Chap's, Found Object Gems and Needful Things, campwhimsy, Dusty Daisies, Garden Girl, Cedar House Soaps, Two Women, Shabby Scraps, The Rusty Bird, Luluz, Little Byrd . What incredible vendors and people!!! Thank You Serena & Teri... looking forward to next year.

Our Farmgirl Journey

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Into the Sunset @ Chaps

More Chaps, Music, and Good friens

Chaps Gracious Goodness

This is a picture of Celeste Shaw (of Chaps) and Lori Souers (of Found Objects and Needful Things) they were both so wonderful and gracious thank you for letting me take this picture but mostly for your talents and energy.

Little Farmchick Fun

These adorable girls were waiting in line at FarmChicks and patiently playing jumprope games. It charmed my heart for 2 reasons, 1 my girls use to do the same thing usually in line at the grocery store not so very long ago, and 2 the daisy skirt which was a definate theme for the day. We had previously seen a daisy quilt we all loved at Buggy Barn. Their Mom and her friends were infront of us in line and she kept apologizing. I told her it was great that she brought them. We girls need to share our great skills and especially our great loves it enriches us all. One of the ladies in their group rushed in late to join them. We told her it was fine. She was dressed all fancy but embarressed. She had two different shoes on. Wish I could have told her how great it was to know we are all human and that the shoes didn't matter she still looked fantastic. In fact it gave me hope that I might look that great someday.
These are just a few of the great things to silently smile about at The FarmChick's Sale. These memories are worth more than anything purchased.