Friday, October 30, 2009

Walking with the UNTOLD Truth

Over this past week I have attended 3 meetings that were not a part of my life one week ago. 2 were BPA mtgs. Amboy & Clark College and the 3rd City of Vancouver/Van Mall. Fear and Force flew around all three, Tuesday a bigger than expected crowd drove clear out to Amboy, WA to be greeted with unclear laminated maps regarding their homes and lives. Wednesday a much smaller crowd visited Clark College met with 6-7 stations, Environment(who says my 600 year old snag/older than any building in Clark County) has no life and would be mowed down. This summer a Bald Eagle circled this snag that is filled with woodpeckers, hummingbirds, chipmunks, just to name a few condo residents, Civil Engineers( the most honest person I met) Road Maint. etc. My husband was in a car accident Wed. night and by the Thursday's Vancouver meeting being told the line would not be following I-5 because they want a completely new power source my tears began to fall. Then I asked some friends say prayers and I have faith in the GOOD of this world. Thanks to Robin & Florence for helping me not feel alone. Love, Erin

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Untold Stories & Ramblings of an old Woodswoman

There once was a little girl who grew up in Clark County, WA. She already had many untold stories starting about the age of 5 and by the time she hit 14 she was changing her little brothers diaper and was pulled by the arm into her room and hit against all 4 walls. The quote that day was prove to me once and for all you love me more than her. The girl did not understand why she was attacked in such a way. Now she is grown she has raised beautiful children with good hearts and has tried to live in balance and harmony with her family and community. But once again she is being pulled from the room and beat around all 4 walls for no good reason only this time it is not just her but many other people, there is a beautiful scenic ecosystem, plants, animals, unreplaceable waterways involved. She is still unsure of who to talk to and where to turn just like that 14 year old girl who's story remains untold.
Please help if you hear this untold story.
My prayers go out to all those who have no voice today. Many Blessing, Erin

There is no AGONY like bearing an untold story inside you-Zora Neale Hurston

There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you -- Zora Neale Hurston
This quote is posted on Robin Laws beautiful blog BirdTweets She takes incredible photographs that somehow involve much more than a picture. Her incredible spirit seeps into the mix and weaves a magical spell to bless us all. I did not expect to be effected in such a way when I visited her blog today. For me the past and present seemed to collide in this quote and there is no more capacity to bear an untold story.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pray for those effected by the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project

Have you heard about the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project? It is a proposed project for 500-kilovolt transmission lines(these are big, big lines) to run the length of Clark County from Troutdale, Oregon to Castle Rock, Washington. One of the proposed routes goes thru my HOME. When I say HOME it means not only my house but land, plants and animals I have come to love and cherish.
We were notified via mail about this on Thursday October 22, 2009 and received a letter from the U.S. Department of Energy-Bonneville Power Administration
PERMISSION TO ENTER PROPERTY 2 days later on Saturday October 24th, 2009, yes my friends and fellow bloggers the day of Cindy Dockins TARTE sale.

The beginning paragraph of the Bonnieville Power Administration letter which you can find says.. The July 2009 heat wave brought unusual attention to the region's electric power system. Daily media alerts in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area questioned whether the power system could generate and deliver sufficent power to keep air conditioning units running, and whether the system could hold up under stresses caused by the heat and demand for power.

Those who know me know how deep my love of nature is but many of you are not aware how truly beautiful this area is. I was told by Steve Prickett of BPA these lines would exceed 150 feet in a valley such as Dole Valley where I live. If you look at the BPA I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project Study Area Map line 29 by the East Fork of the Lewis River you will see where the pictures I will be posting on my blog come from. Please say a prayer for the people, plants, animals, and waterways that exsist in the path of these proposed power lines. As the plants, animals and waterways cannot speak for themselves I will do my best to show you what a treasure we all stand to lose in this valley that supports steelhead fishing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, christmas tree hunting, huckleberry picking, sledding, abundant wildlife I see first hand on my property including Black Bear, Deer, Bobcats, Cougar, Coyote, Mountain Beaver, Eagle, Albino Salamanders, many types of Woodpeckers, hummingbirds, doves, chipmunks, squirrels, weasels..etc. my passion the plants is an even longer list. PLEASE HEAR OUR PRAYER and share this with a friend as I will be adding pictures daily. With Deepest Gratitude, Erin