Friday, August 28, 2009

Robert the Bruce & The Land of Tarte

Meet Robert the Bruce one of the most charming visitors to The Land of Tarte last Saturday. He was adorable and captivated my heart along with his wonderful mother a fellow lover of the Highland Games. My Grandfather was a Highlander who always had scotty dogs.
So many wonderful people were a part of this show Linda and Ludmil of Willows Nest who blessed us all with their presence, talent and grace. Linda was especially kind to me in word and deed sharing pink glitter which will become part of something preciously treasured. Joe of Barn House who shared display expertise, gathering prowess and humor to make the day SHINE. Heather Bulliard and her husband wonderful picture taking and enjoyable conversation. Diana of Annie, Fannie & Abigail who becomes more and more Dear with time and talented. All those beautiful green apples became apple pie filing, the Garden sign adds so much to the Garden, and the grapes were gratefully enjoyed.
And especially, Cindy who orchestrates everything so Artfully, calmly, kind, you are teaching me to think GRAND ... thank you.
Barry (aka The King) is pretty awesome too, hope you work on that invention Barry.

My best friend Florence took some fantastic pictures and posted them on her blog "Essences of the Past"

It has been a busy summer full of new friends to meet, inspirations, skills to learn, and things to laugh about such as our new kitten Juneau's combination of spunk and sweetness or my daughters hilarious description of things read over the loud speaker at the store she is working at such as "Talk to your Pharmacist about Shingles a painful rash to people over 50, have fun buying produce" of course she relayed the story much better than I have. These things that make us smile.. Seeing the incredible displays and settings Willow's Nest, Barn House, Annie, Fannie and Abigail, Queen of Tarte and all the wonderful Vendors we know create to help us dream. Watching our pets, plants, or people in our lives do or say the things that make our world stop for a moment and enter the space of Awe.

With deep gratitude to all the people, places, pets and plants here for making me smile.