Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Farmchick Fun

These adorable girls were waiting in line at FarmChicks and patiently playing jumprope games. It charmed my heart for 2 reasons, 1 my girls use to do the same thing usually in line at the grocery store not so very long ago, and 2 the daisy skirt which was a definate theme for the day. We had previously seen a daisy quilt we all loved at Buggy Barn. Their Mom and her friends were infront of us in line and she kept apologizing. I told her it was great that she brought them. We girls need to share our great skills and especially our great loves it enriches us all. One of the ladies in their group rushed in late to join them. We told her it was fine. She was dressed all fancy but embarressed. She had two different shoes on. Wish I could have told her how great it was to know we are all human and that the shoes didn't matter she still looked fantastic. In fact it gave me hope that I might look that great someday.
These are just a few of the great things to silently smile about at The FarmChick's Sale. These memories are worth more than anything purchased.