Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hope in Hockinson & Beyond

Today I found Hope in Hockinson & Beyond. First I was honored and blessed to meet Roger a very committed and compassionate person, not at all what I expected in a financial consultant. He had good ideas and suggestions. Roger is a person who walks his talk and that is the best anyone can do.
Next I was invited to attend a meeting in Hockinson on the BPA I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project. I met an older couple, a widow with 3 children, her wonderful caring daughter, a man who does MRI's and knows they effect the heart greatly, people who work for the school district, firemen, Chennel 12 News, neighbors, friends.
We are all scrambling to learn so much in a very small time frame. How will EMF waves effect our families, children, animals, plants, ground and waterways? How tall are 500 kilovolt towers? Who will listen and care? We must publicly respond by November 23rd and we need YOU. Wherever you are across these great United States to lend us your voice. Write to your Senators, Congressmen, President, BPA. Don't let us become endangered species.
Help us keep power lines from destroying scenes like these from my yard.
Tonight gave me hope because we shared our stories and cared about each other .

And Yes this 600 year old fir snag has many stories yet to be told. Many residents. This tree was standing on this very ground when the Declaration of Independence was signed. When the Mayflower landed.
As my dear Virgil Wallace told me it was much bigger because it lived thru 2 major forest fires. But it is still here standing its ground.


Grateful to everyone I met today.


Tracey said...

Hi Erin! We went thru a similar issue of battling with the power co over putting up high power towers in the last town we were building a new house in. They eventually decided to postpone any plans to put the towers up...but in the meantime we pulled out of our deal to build the house that would have been less than a mile from the proposed towers...I just wasn't willing to risk them winning out a year later when we were all settled in...

I truly hope everything works out for you and your home!

:) T

Florence said...

Keep up your good work, keep the positive going, put as much out that is positive and I do believe that will help. Hugs Florence