Friday, November 6, 2009

My Deer Family

So today IAM posting some special members of my circle, they look after this land with reverence. Every year since I first moved here it has been a blessing to watch their families and generations. We generally have at least 2 sets of twins in the spring and one or two single fawns. These pictures show the progression of our single fawn friend and my newest family member Juneau(the cat) The first picture was taken in the Spring of 2009 and shows a pregnant Mom, then you see our little fawn friend finding his legs and learning to explore his surroundings. Yes this is a little buck. They love to run around at this stage full of energy. It is really quite comical. Portrait with his Mom and then
my loveable Juneau who is also quite a
character and obviously very comfortable in her surroundings. And this last picture taken just a few
nights ago when Juneau and our friend the
little buck decided to become friends.
They got as close as touching noses.
It was great to watch.
Wishing you the Blessings of a loving

Today and Always,


Florence said...

We are so blessed by having the deer around us, they learning boundaries and we learning how to give them space too. Hugs Florence