Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice and God's hand in our lives

Yesterday my husband journeyed to our neighbors on foot. He called to tell me a chunk of one of our many ancient fir snags had fallen off and was amazing to see. He had forgotten how large and amazing they really are. He said you should bring your camera and come look. So I did, it was pouring down rain but this is what I saw. This is just a chunk from this tree and it is as tall as I am sideways on the ground. That is 5'7". The picture's with my hand and boot are to show you how large one branch from this tree was. Remember this tree is at least 600 years old, survived two Yacolt Burns around 1902 and 100 plus years since, and this is what is left. I can stick my whole arm into one of the rings from a branch. For me this is one of God's wonders I wish you could see first hand.
So I will write a tale above that reminds me how precious our lives are and some of what God's hand in our lives means to me. Happy Winter Solstice and enjoy the lengthening days and a Very Merry Christmas as Jesus light comes to shine in our lives.


Florence said...

Happy Winter Solstice to you my friend. Did you see the crescent of the moon tonight with the stars before the clouds rolled in? Stay warm and cozy. Hugs Florence