Monday, December 21, 2009

A Cherokee tale of Creation

Many moons ago, the Great Sun created the plants and trees. Then he blessed them with the gift of green, so that they might bring forth fruit and flowers. All was well for a time, but the the Great One withdrew his face. The winds came down from the mountains of the north, and gray clouds jostled above the earth.
"Oh Father, don't leave us!" cried the plants.
"Give us your light and your warmth!" cried the trees.
But day by day the Great Sun sank lower in the sky, and the long nights were as black as a crow's wing. Then the vines began to wither, and frost touched the grasses of the meadows. A curtain of clouds covered the heavens.
"Dear Father, we will die without you," wailed the trees and plants. "Come back! Come back!"
"He's coming," whispered the clouds. "His face has turned in the sky."
The plants and trees were full of joy at the good news. Eager to greet their dear father, they decided to stay awake every night and watch for his return.
Sumac, sassafras, and purple aster put forth brilliant colors to welcome the Great Sun. But after a night of watching, they fell asleep.
The dogwoods and alders watched for two nights, but soon their boughs grew heavy and they feel asleep.
The maples and poplars whispered to each other, "We will not give in to sleep," But soon they were slumbering under the cold stars like the others.
When the Great Sun came from his wigwam on the dawn of the seventh day, the skies were clear. He looked down on the forests and meadows below. The only plants and trees awake to greet him were the pine, the fir, the spruce, the holly, and the laurel.
"For your faithfulness I will give you the gift of green forever," said the Great Sun to the plants and trees who welcomed him. "The others will drop their leaves or sleep through the winter, but you will remain awake. Your color a promise of my return to all who see you."
Many Blessings to all of you from my humble home and ecosystem.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tale to post about our evergreen guardians of the forest! Thanks for sharing.. and for your visit earlier. Blessings to you dear friend!