Friday, December 4, 2009

Scenes from this week

It is very cold here today, my pond is frozen, ice crystals cover the foxglove,
this morning the sky was clear and suddenly dark clouds moved across, an amazing sight.
The last picture in the group shows scenes from my area and cards I gathered at Wednesday's Yacolt Meeting of Citizen's affected by the proposed BPA I-5 Corridor Project. It includes the picture of kayakers I showed Mark Korsness Senior Project Manager for this project. I will write more about this meeting soon.
Prior to the meeting I stumbled upon NATURAL OREGON by Dennis Newman who was kind enough to ask if I would send him a brief summary of the Yacolt, Washington meeting. Please visit NATURAL OREGON to visit Dennis and his wonderful writing.

I am very grateful for everyone who attended the meeting in Yacolt Dec. 2.
The effort people are making to pull together and help each other is impressive.


Florence said...

It is awesome what everyone is doing for this purpose, we can only pray that BPA is listening and know that it is so.