Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Reflection in a Flower

My daughter took these beautiful pictures at Clark College this week.
She also attended the Yacolt Primary Citizen organized BPA I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Meeting with me this week, helping at the sign in table, setting up chairs and enduring hours in a cold school gym. She is a flower I AM forever grateful for.
When we sat down to look at the pictures we realized her reflection was in the rain drops on some of the petals in the same way we are all present in every word we speak, every action we take.
Often it just takes a closer look to see what is Real.
I love the picture she took with the Clark College Pen beside it as writing seems to be a daily part of my life now and flowers always and ever will be.
I hope you get to take a deep breath today and take a deep close look at this beautiful world that surrounds you. Where will your Reflection be?