Friday, December 11, 2009

Fridays Flower

Okay so I was slow posting this today, it's cold and, my dear friend Julie of Kindred Roses has me thinking of Spas, warmth, and kindness. This waterlily is from my pond and was photographed this August on a bright Summer Day. Right now this beautiful lily is sitting in the muck at the bottom of my frozen pond waiting for the sun to shine again, and it will soon. that is what the promise this Christmas Seasson is all about. Wishing you warmth and comfort today.
Ever, Erin


Florence said...

Warmth and comfort to you, stay warm and dry. Snuggle up my friend. Florence

Anonymous said...

Your lily makes me want summer back again! And I'm amazed at your photography and the ice! I enjoyed the candid shot of you and your daughter, you are both so beautiful! Be well and stay warm!