Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Foggy Fall

So here is the entrance to my home in the hills. The fog rising from the fir covered hills was amazing. Maidenhair Ferns on the right will soon disappear and will sleep hidden in the rocks from which they spring back to life around April. The Red Alder are dropping their leaves to tuck everything below them in for safe winter keeping. You can feel the quiet peace rising from the valley floor as Winter begins.


Florence said...

Great Post Erin, there is something about the magic in the air and the fog hanging over the valley. Hugs to you my friend. Florence

Anonymous said...

Hello Erin, so glad you stopped over at my blog for a visit. Your woodland here is so beautiful, and my heart aches to think it might be sacrificed in any way. The Prayer for Earth you posted says it all.. and my prayers are with you and your magical fairy woodland.