Friday, August 7, 2009

Do You Believe in Miracles?

How miraculous is your life?? Every day brings new miracles into my life. I just celebrated my 15th anniversary with a miracle, my husband Mark. He came into my life at a time when I believed getting married once was enough. He saw all the deep dark things and all the bright horizons possible too. We have walked toward the horizons ever since with his mandolin playing, forever book loving, mountain man steady, honesty. I really like who he is. He adopted my girls with me and is a wonderful father. Then there is my son we met when he was 2
, when he was 4 he asked if he could call me Mom, when he was 7 and I was pregnant with Lynsey he
asked if I would still want him, when he was 26 he asked if he could have his wedding reception here with 100 friends camping out and his other mother(she and I get along great another miracle), sister, and brother.
It was wonderful. Brandon is a miraculous part of my life. Lynsey is a miracle because I lost a baby prior to my pregnancy with her and was told she was an impossibility and Alyssa is just a wonder. These are the steady miracles in my life but there is more on a recent trip 3 miracles happened.
On a day that was not going so well standing by a newspaper box for 30 minutes alone, waiting wondering why am I here?? A family went by stroller, Mom, Dad, son and young daughter who said "I love your jewelry" snap the mode was gone a miracle moment had occurred in my very midst. There was more to come.. while walking the beach I needed to take a bathroom break but the only one was a looooooong way off the option was presented to go behind a log but that is not my style and crazy person me would not leave someone alone on the beach(my problem not the other persons) so I sat on a rock for a while and took some great pictures of the Puget Sound. Just then a German Shepard came up and kissed me on the cheek and just sat there by me for about 5 minutes peacefully. It may not sound to miraculous to you but if you knew me you would know when in 4th grade my right leg was attacked and bit by a dog so to have one bring such a sense of calm and serenity was a blessing. Then the night before last a neighbor called and asked if I had a kitchen faucet on hand, well guess what I did and ran it down so this neighbor could put it in another neighbors kitchen. Ann who needed it is a sweet single woman and the fact she lives up here on her own a miracle to begin with. The fact she always looks after all of us well she is precious and last night she let me know what a miracle it was in her life at this moment which opened up the floodgates for another neighbor to talk about some issues and then end up calling me at 11:00 at night to say "You really helped me to look at love in a different way Thank You." If you knew this dear friend of mine you would say that is a big miracle.
Hope you see Gods miracle moments in your life today. Blessings, Erin
PS: The ladybug on the white rose.. you guessed it pure miracle.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We have visited these same places many times before yet as time spins on before us every moment is new and uncharted. This year we posed for our traditional picture among the lavender at Jardin du Soleil,
listened to the sounds of Geoffrey Castle's electric violin at Purple Haze. I purchased a beautiful print from Geofrey's wife Shannon Castle(very talented creates large graphite pieces on glass) Enjoyed watching the gracious, fun personalities of Mike and Rosalind Reichner(Roslind and Shannon are pictured together here) of Purple Haze Lavender Farm, what hosts. And the best part for me personally was watching this little girl spinning to the music with her scarf. Oh to be so care free, what a blessing in itself.
My spirit longs to be this confident and carefree
in public. Although Rosalind Reichner went out
to dance with her and the little gal ran off to the
side. What beautifully fragrant memories
to carry home.

Thank You all for enhancing my
Summer 2009.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

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